Upstairs, downstairs

For some reason today I ended up looking at Victorian/Edwardian porn. I’m not quite sure how I got there but anyway, I realised a few things when I was gazing at many an un-chopped bush and moustache (not usually on the same person):

  • Having to hold still for photo’s for so long means that the facial expressions of many of the men especially, look like they’re about to ask for their pipe and slippers, not ball deep in a chemise clad prostitute.
  • Nothing new has been invented in sex since the year dot. There is only a finite amount you can do with the human body.
  • We are no sluttier, dirtier or more imaginative than our great-great-grandparents, we just have more photo’s of it.
  • There doesn’t seem to be any bi-male porn, gay yes, lesbian yes, mmf threesomes yes, but in these cases the woman is getting all the male attention there is none on the other man in the photo.
  • They liked their whips and spanking big time back then. (There were a lot of school/ballet mistresses “punishing” the bare bottoms of girls in their charge)
  • Men kept their socks on back then too.

Most of the stuff I was looking at was on a French site, found via a Spanish site, so I’ve no idea what they’re saying about the photo’s*, but porn is porn is porn really. It’s here if you’d like to look, there is modern porn mixed in randomly. Needless to say it’s very NSFW.

Speaking for myself, I don’t look at vintage porn to get my rocks off, I look at it as a historian and (future) anthropologist. It’s a fascinating insight into the culture of the past.  There’s plenty of work out there on the history of pornography, so I’m not going to re-hash what’s been said by others before me, and no doubt better than I could. But take a look judge for yourself.

* Ok I have some idea, my French isn’t that bad.