Girls & Cars

I am a girly, girl, very much so. A domestic goddess, I cook, clean, tidy and love doing it. I prefer wearing dresses, with stockings, to trousers. I always wear make-up and I am useless with technology and will get a man to fix any problems by fluttering my eyelashes if possible.* However, when in a room full of male friends watching Top Gear (I do love me some Top Gear) I was the only one who had a dream garage. Y’know the top 10 cars you’d have if you had all the money in the world parked in-front of your mansion. To lighten the tone a bit after the last post, here is my dream garage.  Feel free to criticise/comment!

  1. LWB Series III safari Land Rover – This was the car of my childhood, what I really want to do is restore one, and convert it to LPG so it’ll go like the clappers. Oh and then run the Dakar Rally in it.
  2. Citroen 2CV – Yes it may look like a pram turned upside but I love them. (And I never said I had good taste in cars)
  3. Morris Minor Traveller – Considering my goal in life to be an academic, I think it’s mandatory to buy one of these (and wear corduroy). What can I say, the wooden frame does it for me. I also love the original Morris Minor.
  4. Auston Martin DB5 – Yes a bond car, sex on wheels, even without Sean Connery in it. My second car love after our landie, after seeing Goldfinger as a child.
  5. Bugatti Veyron – Well, it has to be in there doesn’t it? It is one of the most divine cars in the world. And we do love the challenges they did on top gear with it.
  6. Citroen DS – I want one like wot Bill Bailey has. Yes, the second Citroen on the list, they are the winners, despite being made by cheese eating surrender monkeys.
  7. Jaguar E Type – The classic sports car, a beautiful cigar shape, and ‘cos we made it, it can turn around corners, unlike American cars.
  8. TVR Tuscan – Another British sports car, but a modern one this time, again it’s the look that sold me though the silver looks a million times bette than the blue pictured on the wiki page.
  9. Mercedes 500K/290 Special Roadster – Driving one of these I’d feel like Marlene Deitreich, it has such style and such class that you so rarely see in modern cars.
  10. Weismann MF – I have to admit I came to this through the brilliant, cheap and mindless game Test Drive Unlimited. It has a very retro look and wouldn’t look out of place in Gotham city.

Just looking at these had me drooling and making me want to get a 360 so I can play test drive again.

* It must also be added I am very much a geek, I love my MMORPG’s, RPG’s both table-top and electronic, I read and watch sci-fi and fantasy and so on. I also like sport, well rugby, hockey, cricket that sort of thing. How terribly British and middle class.