To get back some of my girly credentials, today I’m trying out a new foundation, not something I would normally blog about but this is made by Lush, and I love Lush me. Mainly because of their philosophy, all of their products are vegetarian, many are vegan, they’re not tested on animals, and very importantly their products smell divine and work wonderfully. I will add at this point I’m not being paid by them! I do just love Lush and everything in my morning routine, aside from my make-up and toothpaste is from Lush.

Yesterday I ordered various bits and bobs including one of their new “Colour Supplement” pots*, I’ve chosen the “Light Yellow”.

First off is the colour, I often have trouble with foundation as my skin is very pale and today the fashion is to be tango orange in colour. Whereas, I like to look natural and interestingly pale thankyouverymuch. I also have a yellow tint to my skin, and often foundations that are the right shade are the wrong tone, they’re pink based not yellow, making me look like a tomato.

Lush recommend mixing the foundation with moisturiser, though as I have oily skin I chose to use it neat, which is also fine according the the blurb. First thing I noticed is it’s very thick, the pot is tiny, however, you only need to use a teeny amount, so the pot should last a long time.  So unless you very oily skin it would be worth putting in a wee bit of moisturiser just so it goes on more easily.

Putting in on took a bit more effort than my usual foundation but it blended into my skin very well, even my pasty skin and gave a lovely matt finish and didn’t make me look like I’d used a trowel to put it on.

Colour – 9/10 almost perfect for my pasty skin!

Finish – 9/10 matt, but no so matt it looks totally unnatural.

Staying Power – 10/10 I applied it at about 11, and normally foundations only last a few hours before my face gets shiny again, this lasted until I went to bed.

So all in all, well worth a try, despite the price, especially if you have very oily skin.

Here endeth the lesson, I’ll go back to talking about cars and porn now.

* and yes it arrived today another plus.

2 Responses to “Slap”

  1. Kryptobabe Says:

    I’m blatantly going to have to try this!! I’m in dublin city centre all weekend so I’m gona have to visit the lush there!! 😀 So the foundation is called “colour supplement”? or foundation? or what? I’m all confused and need to know! 🙂

    • tHornyMinx Says:

      It’s called colour supplement, which is most confusing, but if you ask in the shop for the foundation I’m sure they’ll know what you’re on about! I’m most impressed with the staying power on my oily skin, I didn’t think such foundation existed!

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