I’ve just noticed a big jump in my stats, and they’ve pretty much all come from facebook, not that I mind, but could whichever reader it was tell me? I’m just a bit paranoid (and for good reason). Don’t need to see your facebook or anything like that, just whatever name you’re known to me as let me know, drop me an email or comment on this post. Thanks.

EDIT: I’m afraid to say if no-one comes forward I’m going to have to password protect the whole blog, or move *again* so please get in touch.

2 Responses to “Jumping”

  1. jade Says:

    might have been me.
    i have your blog on my rss feed so thats why i read your blog, i hope you dont close it down 🙂

  2. tHornyMinx Says:

    It depends, it seems like someone has got or posted a link to my blog on facebook. Can you use facebook to get rss feeds? In which case it possibly was you. I’m not posting anything else until I find out what’s happened. I don’t mind like. I’d just like to know to know what the jump was for as there are certain people I don’t want reading this.

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