“I wanted to ask you if, among other things, you would use me as your “horsie””

… You know that whole escorting thing I talked about in a previous post… Well I’m now officially, as it were, a hoor. The title to this post is an extract from a potential clients email.

Tonight I turned my first trick, and it’s weird, I wasn’t at all nervous getting ready or driving over there, it didn’t seem weird or stilted. It felt really quite natural. The client was a lovely chap, older, not bad looking but obviously living alone, and as most escorts seem to find he wanted to spend his time pleasing me. I’ve been more nervous on dates, much more nervous. But like my driving just seems to have clicked now, this just seems to click too.

It’s not something I want to spend my life doing, but I love sex & I need money right now, and I’d *much* rather be doing this than working in McDonalds.

The guy who wants me to use him as a horsie, wants to spend 2 hours “worshipping” my body and he’s paying me for the privilege. Ummmm remind me why didn’t I do this before?!

This is not going to turn into a sex blog or the blog of an escort. This is still just me rambling away, the only difference is now, me also happens to get paid for sex, well that and I may have more interesting stories…

2 Responses to ““I wanted to ask you if, among other things, you would use me as your “horsie”””

  1. mark Says:

    Im 50 and live with a 67 year old woman who is horny all the time, but when we met she was into threesomes and we found several younger guys who came over and we both had her , she loved it, now she says it would only be fair for me to have another woman, but i dont want a slam bang thanyou seee you later, how do i find a woman over 35 that is cool with this kind of sex. I am a little shy until it comes to pleaseing a woman and she returns mutual, someone who enjoys sex

    • tHornyMinx Says:


      You can see an escort, if you book someone for a few hours you can get to know them, book them again. Or my other recommendation would be use a site like fetlife to look for someone, or join a local swinging club, or browse local swinging sites. There are lots of women out there who want to do the sort of thing you’re looking for.


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