I wish.

Looking back over this year, I really haven’t posted much, mainly as I’ve spent the entire year busy and ill. Guess what… I’m ill again too (I suspect my immune system is sunning itself on a beach somewhere and has completely forgotten about me). I think this year’s been a bit of a write off or various reasons. Stuff’s happened; going back to uni, hooring, threesoms etc but nothing major, nothing final.

I do have a lot to be grateful for however; I passed my driving test, got a car, got into university, which I’m thoroughly enjoying.

The crappy things have been my lack of health and money. For once I’m not too bothered about being single, I’ve realised with all the work I’m doing I don’t have time for a boyfriend, and there’s also the whole hooring thing I mean how do you tell someone about that? “Pass the gravy dear, oh by the way I sleep with strange men or money.” I mean it’s just not going to happen is it really?

Most people have new year’s resolutions, which admittedly they don’t often stick to, I… I have some new year’s wishes. They would be resolutions but some things are beyond even my control! I wish for improved health, I wish for the DWP to get it’s finger out & process my benefit’s claim, and I wish for a sugar-daddy to buy my lots of lingerie, corsets, clothes and computery things… Oh and shoes… And bags… And some jewellery… I mean that’s not asking too much right?  Right?

3 Responses to “I wish.”

  1. p l Says:

    Hello Minx. I do hope your new year will be better (from both the health and money points of view)

  2. Kryptobabe Says:

    I agree witht he above… but just hope it’s amazing all around too! 😀

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