I’m guessing this has happened to a few of you but it’s still a weird feeling and one I feel the need to explore, there is a person in my life, a friend, and I know if he wasn’t with his girlfriend he’s be with me, he just happened to meet me after her, if it had happened the other way around maybe she would be writing something like this.

We talked about it between ourselves, and we both agree on the matter, so it’s not just me going all bunny boiler on someone, and I’m not about to go take her out with a rifle or anything! It’s just when ever we talk there’s this little nagging feeling, especially when we flirt or mess about, a feeling of “you should be mine”. I’m happy to talk with him about his relationship and about her, she’s a lovely girl and he loves her a lot. But weirdly I’d say me and him were more compatible than him and her.

He wants to marry her, he’s planning on proposing within the next year or so, and part of me if made up for him he’s obviously happy and I want my friends to be happy. The other part of me is regretful, I suppose, wondering what might have been and if we could have spent the rest of our lives together and had kids and such. I know he thinks about it to.

And I struggle, I want to chase after him, give it all I’ve got and steal him from her, but clichéd as it is, I also don’t want to spoil our friendship. What makes it more difficult is the fact we have done things we shouldn’t have together, we find it hard not to touch each other and so I keep thinking “Would it be all that hard to get him?”.

Maybe in a alternate universe we’re together, and in others we never met, and one shouldn’t dwell too much on this sort of thing, or you’ll end up questioning every decision you’ve ever made. But I’d be intrigued to hear what others have done in this situation did you chase or leave well alone? Despite the fact we’ve known each other for over a year now I’m still deciding what to do, or not as the case may be.

3 Responses to “Taken”

  1. Kryptobabe Says:

    My situation was a bit like that, there spark was there but he was in a relationship. The difference is that he knew his was over. You know how mine has ended up but I think it all boils down to you. The question you most have to ask is if he’s saying all the right things in the hopes that you’ll do things together you probably should not or igg he truly truly means them. You also have to think sanity the

  2. Kryptobabe Says:

    Sorry! still getting used to new phone! you have to think about the future. Do you think he’d ever ask about the future or maybe at some point regret giving her up for you? Not because your not fantastic bit because he might end up with there what if thoughts you’re experiencing now. Do you think you could handle all of that? finally, and this is the one that will hurt the most, can you handle friends etc not being supportive of the relationship if it doors all come together? I wish I had a yes or no answer but life doesn’t Luke those really! 🙂

  3. tHornyMinx Says:

    Good points well made and gives me something to think about. At the moment I’m suffering from tonsillitis again so I wrote the post then promptly forgot about it, and I’m really not running on all cylinders at the moment! Will have to re-think all this when I’m better!

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