Weird Old Men.

Inspired by the wonderful Eskimo I’ve decided to list my weird old man crushes, just cos it’s a bit of fun and I’ve not posted for ages. Though personally I don’t see Hugh Laurie as a “weird” crush, he’s scrummy and always has been.

Jason Isaacs, I want to have his beautiful Jewish babies, he’s just divine. I think he and the ever sexy Jason Statham would have to be my two freebies, y’know even if I was married with kids I’d be allowed them.

Gary Sinise, it’s probably the character of Mac Taylor in CSI: NY I find attractive as opposed to the actor himself, I still wouldn’t kick him out of bed though.

Robert Knepper, first came to my attention in Prison Break, the character of T-bag being so deliciously evil and yet funny and sympathetic at the same time, a tribute to his skills (as well as the writers).

Willaim Fichtner is next, Black Hawk Down, whist being a wonderful and poignant film is also a totty-fest, but it’s the more unlikely figure of Mr Fichtner that caught my eye in it.

Robert LaSardo, combines my love of ink, bald men and goatees, ’nuff said.


Finally, for now, is the dog whisperer himself Ceasar Milan, as Misssy M said “He has the twinkliest eyes of any man.” He is also surprisingly well built when you look at him.



That’s enough for now I think, otherwise I’m going to come over all faint. Please feel free to share your weird old man crushes in the comments.