This house-owning/responsible-adult-by-proxy business is tough, I’ve spent a lot of today schlepping pots of paint, decorating equipment and the like up stairs, then prepping the room (which took bloody ages), then painting as much as I could before collapsing in a big heap. Which was disappointing little; one alcove and one wall. So far I’ve spent £100 (which I don’t really have) on decorating stuff. I need to spend more tomorrow too, there’s no way I can cope with using a brush to do all the edges, I need one of those nifty sponge thingies. As you can tell I’m well down with the DIY lingo, my skills are about on the level with that.

At this rate decorating the rest of the room, and the other bedroom will take me over a week, luckily I’ve enlisted the help of my future tenant and her various poly-partners and subs. So I should be able to sit back, relax, and poke the slave boys with a stick when they don’t paint fast enough. Which sounds much more preferable to me.

After that there’s moving everything up from my parent’s house, including a piano, and that’s going to be ever so fun, especially as there’s nowhere to park anything bigger than a small van any closer than about 50ft from the house.

Bridges to be crossed later, as right now my mind is filling with ideas about photoshoots with naked man painting my house.