Exercise? Shmecercise.

You know how it is, when you’re overweight and crazy, every few months you go “Ahhh I’m gonna try an eat healthy and exercise” then life pisses on your chips and you think “Fuck that noise, I’m going to go to bed and eat ice cream and take-away for the next week.” And this keeps happening and overall you gain weight and get more depressed so comfort eat more and put on more weight so get more depressed and so on. Well that.

The past few months I’ve been really bad on the exercise front. My poor dog has hardly been walked, and I spend all day in-front of this thing. Eating is a weird one, I hardly eat, I go days without anything more than water to drink, it’s a good day if I manage two meals. I don’t even eat a lot, those two meals will probably be a bowl of cereal and a sandwich. I just forget to eat and don’t feel hungry, it’s not even me trying. Despite this I’ve managed to put on weight, go me! Oh no wait, the other thing. Only I could manage to do that.

So this is my quarterly “I’m going to change all this” phase, but I’m kind of confident as despite all the shitty feelings from recent shit (see previous post) I’m still feeling kind of positive about this. So I thought I’d set myself some reasonable goals and write them down here so then I have no excuse to conveniently forget them or shirk off. So here they are:

1) Walk my dog at least once a day (it doesn’t need to be far but it needs to be done).

2) Eat at least twice a day.

3) Eat a healthy breakfast (eg a cup of tea, and a bowl of muesli).

4) Play tennis* or go to Wing-Chun class once a week.


These are only little goals, but I’m very unfit and struggle with motivation. If I start of easy it should build my confidence and motivation (I hope!). I’m also going to put my measurements up here, mortifying though it is, and it means I’ll have a record and when I do loose some weight, I can see I have. So here they are:

Bust: 63

Waist: 57

Hips: 62

I may be fat, but fuck you world I still have an hourglass figure. My life goal so to speak is to get my waist down to about 40/42 inches. I’m never going to be skinny and I don’t want to be! I am actually big boned, I’m fat too but the sheer size of my pelvis and shoulder bones mean I’ll be dead before I’m a size 10. A size 20/22 is probably about my ideal weight but right now I’m happy to just shrink any amount!


* A friend of mine who also wants to get fit again is a former tennis coach and she’s offered to train me.

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