Over the past few months I’ve stumbled across various new blogs and sites I would like to direct your attention to so here goes:

First up is Naked Men Happy Women, which I was directed to thanks to the wonderful Filament magazine (actually the same goes for the following 2 links as well.) It does exactly what it says on the tin really, erotic photos of men for women. Most erotic/pornographic photos of men are made for the gay market and gay men and straight women want different things and find different things attractive.  Personally speaking guy on guy stuff doesn’t hugely do it for me and this site has some beautiful solo shots on it. Case in point this photo.

Next up we have Sex is Not the Enemy, a collection of photos and quotes, if you don’t like the majority of modern porn the bleach blonde, silicone filled, make-up-applied-with-a-trowel type stuff, you will like this. It’s either all or 99% non-explicit, making it more erotica than porn I suppose. It’s full of normal, natural looking people just looking like they’re enjoying themselves. Like this fantastic shot here. I adore this, it’s not explicit but the couple just look like they’re having a very good time. And what fun is sex if you can’t laugh?

Onwards and we have Mostly Straight, (a name which describes how I feel about myself really) to quote their blurb about themselves “Mostly Straight is a tumblr for straight & bisexual women. It is dedicated to posting photos of hot naked men, masculine identified people and straight and queer couples.” Well what more can I add? As their last post was of Jason Statham *swoon* I’ll just go drool over that.

Following on from there is Way too Weird, I found this through twitter when the author followed me, to quote the man himself it is “The Anonymous Journal of a Creative, Middle Aged, Upper Middle Class, Married White Male in America who can’t seem to get enough sex and is afraid to die.” I like it because we have a lot in common. I’m a mentalist nympho who can never get enough sex and hardly gets any, it’s well written, honest and emotional. Not something that men seem to do too well, but the author does it fantastically. Well worth a read.

Just when you thought it was all about sex, my next new link is Hark! A Vagrant, not exactly a web comic, but a collection of sketches and work from a Canadian artist, often historical, always funny, these are brilliant. And I do love her Canadian Stereotype comics, oh and the Pirates, anything with pirates is always good.

Second to last we have Bona Vacantia, musings of a lurcher, (see another one not about sex, shocked you all dint I?) wonderfully funny, and often has me in stiches, just your day to day life of an anything but average lurcher and his family, and his spelling is prolly better than mine. I don’t know what, but there is something quintessentially British about this blog, Rule Britannia and all that, being a countryside, hosses, dogs etc type person myself it does have me nodding my head over various bits. I also love lurchers (but don’t tell my collies that).

And finally we have Mariux, Sex, Beauty, Art and Kitsch, yes alright I had to go back to sex for the final one didn’t I? Another tumblr, which again I love because it’s not full of silicone filled blondes, it’s an intriguing mix of whatever the author likes and it is just as much about art and beauty as it is about sex. It’s one that I’ve introduced a few people too and they’ve all liked, admittedly it’s mainly been women I’ve got hooked on it. Especially worth a look if you’re fed up of mainstream porn and fancy something a little different.

That’s all folks, all the links will be up in the sidebar once I’ve decided where to put them! Do check them out and enjoy.


So I’m terribly sorry to the host of readers waiting with baited breath for me to post something for the past month (Jeez has it been that long?!) anyway the reason for lack of postage is I’ve been working, sleeping and little else, “little else” mainly consisted in going to and from work. So I’ve had neither the motivation, the time or any topic to actually post about, not much has changed but I handed in my notice, worked it out and I am now free from the clutches of my evil job.

The reasons why I quit my job are simple:

– The job was a waste of my talents, I have a Masters degree, I was spending 8 hours stood by a photocopier (oh and that wasn’t in the job description).

– I hated the people; my line manager was a total jerk, he took no notice of the rules himself but when it came down to his employees he was by the book, by the letter and not the spirit of the law. E.g. I resigned, then had a day off sick about a week later, he then sacked me, despite the fact I had already resigned and it was one day off. I then had to work out my notice anyway.

– My team, although mainly ok, I had nothing in common with, well illustrated by the fact I invited none of them to my good bye meal.

– The entire organisation was a mess, and full of hypocrisy and waste.

– The work was making me ill, (when you have a stress induced illness, having a job and a boss you hate doesn’t help).*

Anyway I’ve now quit so I will stop bitching. Quitting was the best thing I’ve done, I may be poor again, but I am so much happier. I’m trying to give my lack of social life a kick up the arse too so fingers crossed I’ll have stuff to post about!

* The reason I didn’t blog about this, was as I signed a contract saying I wouldn’t blog about my job, and I didn’t want to get the sack, that worked out well eh?

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