2 long

So it’s been 2 months since my last post, the main reasons being I’ve been very down and really quite ill, there have been more than a dozen times I’ve thought I should write something, but then realised aside from “meh” I had absolutely nothing to say.

Over the past few weeks my health, both mental and physical has been improving, though I’ve been stuck with yet another bout of tonsillitis. There is a bright side to this, it’s the fifth time I’ve had tonsillitis in the past 12 months, so I’m finally getting a referral to the ENT, and hopefully, getting my tonsils out. The past 2 times I’ve had tonsillitis I’ve had to visit hospital and it knocks me for six for a good month or so, the prospect of finally something being done about it has cheered me up a lot.

The escorting was put on hold while I was very ill, but I’ve picked it up again and it’s been going pretty well, I had my first total ass-hole of a client, who is now black-listed in terms of myself and I’ve spread the word to other girls as much as I’m able. Aside from him, I’ve had some great guys, most of them I wonder why on earth they are using me, but for whatever reason it pays my bills!

I’ve not attended university at all this term, thanks to being so damn ill, however, they’ve agreed to let me go down to part time, so I’m hoping next year is better. I still have exams to revise for so I’m going to start cracking on with that.

And the biggest news has been left until the end… I’ve bought a house! Exciting stuff and it makes me a responsible adult by-proxy which is very weird. I have also adopted a moggie to live with me and my dog, and my lodger. He’s currently staying with me in my rented accommodation as the shelter couldn’t hold him any longer, we just haven’t informed my landlord and my house-mate is happy to keep quiet. Hopefully me, and the moggie, will be able to move soon once all the paperwork is sorted. Said moggie is currently stretched across my bed snoring, and I’m not quite sure how I’ll manage to fit in there.

I know this has been a bit of a boring post, but I just wanted to do a brief catch-up, let you know I’m not dead and hopefully I’ll be writing more fun stuff soon!

Baby got back

Well I still don’t know who/what was the reason for the sudden spike in readers and links from facebook, but there doesn’t seem to have been a follow up so screw it, I’m going to keep blogging here, I refuse to run hiding again.

In the past 2 months since I’ve moved my “count”* up by 4, I’m not sure what’s worse, that 2 of them were due to a threesome, that 2 are best friend’s or that it might be going up by 1 more tonight… Whatever it is I hope it’s a taste of what’s to come, as I’ve basically had a 2 year dry spell since my ex. I’ve had sex, but it’s been just occasional things with friends with benefits and I’d like my regular dose of sexy time please!

The good things are the other girl from the threesome lives up here, and one of the friends is moving much closer.

I’ve always defined my sexuality as “greedy”, I like pleasure, I’m a total hedonist and I don’t care where it comes from man or woman. But I always want to come home, as it were, to a man, hence why I don’t describe myself as bisexual. But I would totally go gay for this girl. She’s so amazingly sexy and like me and I have no idea how she finds me attractive, but I can’t help but fancy the pants off her.  Unfortunately she has a boyfriend and despite her attempts at persuasion he doesn’t even want a threesome** never mind the possibility of something more with the both of them (he is quite sexy). But she’s so lovely I’m happy for us to be freinds and maybe I can tempt her back into my bed.

It’s the second of the freinds who is a more interesting prospect for more sex and possibly even more so. We’d never met before, I obviously knew his friend, and we’d be meaning to meet for a long time. We were meeting in the evening and going out with his friends et al for his birthday, it was the one time I was close enough and he was free to meet. All day I kept finding myself smiling for no reason, well I knew the reason it was him. I text him “hmmmm I keep smiling to myself, not fair boy since when did you get under my skin without my noticing? Most unsporting.” he replied “Same to you missy, I keep getting random excitement”… We went back to his place as we had time before we were supposed to meet his freinds later and I needed to drop my stuff off. Somehow we ended up in bed, I really don’t know how, it just happened, no-one’s ever got me in bed so fast including my ex.

We had a really good night out, we headed back to a friends, me and him were sat in the back of the car, my hand reached across to his leg, he took it in one hand and laid the other on top. We didn’t say anything, just sat like that while his two other mates blethered away in the front of the car. I don’t know, I’m not going to count my chickens before they hatch but I do think there’s a possibility for something more than sex. If not then we can just have lots of sex.

In other news, I start uni soon, and I have a lot to do, I’m trying to sort out my benefits, as my last job made me so sick I ended up in hospital several times and was in almost constant pain and on a shed-load of very dangerous and additive drugs. So I’m going to try and get on incapacity or “employment and support alliance” as it’s called now, and I’m finally going to get myself re-refereed to the CMHT up here, which as my moods have been a zillion times worse I need to (Having said that I haven’t stopped smiling and bouncing since I saw the guy at the weekend)***.

I am now off to collapse in bed and watch True Blood as I’ve spent the last week schlepping across the country from one side to another several times. I hope I’ll soon have something to write about.

* Yeah, we’ve all got one, I’m not disclosing the total though.

** Crazy boy.

*** Wow all a nympho needs is sex and some affection and suddenly she’s not a mentalist… And I’m so damn soppy.

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